Unit Android converts c# class to JSON file and reports an error

Original file connection: unity about the error report of newtonsoft. JSON reference!!!! (resolved)_ Xiaoyan can’t write code blog – CSDN blog

I’m afraid the original article will be deleted once.

1、 Download the newtonsoft.json.dll library


After downloading, change the downloaded file to a. Zip file and unzip it. After decompression, find the newtonsoft.json.dll file in the directory:… \ newtonsoft. JSON. 13.0.1 \ lib \ netstandard2.0 and copy it to the… \ assets \ plugins \ netstandard2.0 directory of unity.

2、 Modify unit settings

ProjectSetting-> Player-> API compatibility level changed to. Net 4. X

Create a new link.xml file in the assets directory of the unity project:

	<assembly fullname="System.Core">
		<type fullname="System.Linq.Expressions.Interpreter.LightLambda" preserve="all" />

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