ISDEV : fatal error -6109: Internal build error

To use InstallShield2015 Premier and installshields to shields up to the last occurrence of “ISDEV: Fatal error-6109: Internal build error”.

But create a new project and drag a few files into the project without prompting
Step by step, the problem was found that all files in the project with error-1069 prompt were deleted, and the prompt disappeared
Later, I added DLLS that were not dependent on other libraries to the project first, and then added DLLS that were dependent on other libraries. After several rounds of adjustment, it was normal at last
InstallShield has all these years of products have this problem

later I will Options -> .NET -> In Scan At Build Component Setting, the option is changed to None, (as shown in the figure below)
delete all files in the project again, add them again, and Build again. is OK

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