Xiaobai is going through operator overloading in c++ today. In the process of debugging, an error was found as follows:
E:\ Work \C-C++\ Practice \ Capter10 \10-3\10-3. CPP (11) : Fatal Error C1001: INTERNAL COMPILER error (COMPILER file ‘mSC1.cpp ‘, line 1786)

Please choose the Technical Support command on the Visual C++

Help menu, or open the Technical Support Help file for more information

An error occurred while executing cl. Exe.
Xiaobai checked the code back and forth for 3 times, and found nothing unusual. The results after searching for a circle on the Internet are as follows:
This error is due to a bug in Microsoft visual Stdio 2008 (V6.0). The C++ standard has not been fully implemented in V6.0. The header file provided without the suffix. H does not support the operator overloading function as a friend function, but the older version of visual C++ with the suffix. H can support this function (such as method 2).
Method one:
#icnlude< iostream>
using namespace std;
#include< iostream>
using std : : cout ;
using std : : endl ;
Method 2:

#icnlude< iostream>
using namespace std; Replace:
#include< iostream.h>

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