Invalid archiveerror reported by CONDA

Invalidarchiveerror reported by CONDA and its solution

1. CONDA error: invalidarchiveerror 2. Solution (windows and MAC)

1. CONDA error: invalidarchiveerror

1) It may appear during the installation process
2) when creating a virtual environment (when I help others create it)

2. Solutions (windows and MAC)

1) Windows computer:
go to Anaconda installation path to find anaconda3 folder, right-click to select Properties – & gt; security – & gt; select current computer user – & gt; edit, check write permission – & gt; save, wait for security information to be written, and then re execute.
2) MAC:
change the permission of anaconda3 folder to my user name, and then there is no error in the installation package.
sudo chown -R my_ user_ Name anaconda3/
after installation, you can change the permissions back.
sudo chown -R root anaconda3/

Note: it is useless to delete files or folders manually. You need to change the folder permissions to solve this problem.

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