Error reported by RNG when compiling StVO pl

The errors reported are as follows: StVO PL/SRC/stereoframehandler. CPP: 1266:35: error: ‘RND’ was not declared in this scope
color = scalar (color_dist (RND), color_dist (RND), color_dist (RND), color_dist (RND))
explanation: random_ In the Linux implementation, device () reads the/dev/urandom device, random_ The purpose of device () is to generate a true random number. The rand () function uses the linear congruence method to generate a random number, but this random number is actually a pseudo-random number
original address:
However, randm_ Device() is only valid under Linux, not under windows
solution: add #include & lt; in front of the stereoframehandler.cpp file; random> just fine

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