Internalerror: GPU sync failed error (How to Solve)

1. Error reporting: (from Python deep learning p178-179)

When vscode runs the following code in Jupiter notebook, an error is reported: internalerror: GPU sync failed

from tensorflow.keras.models import Sequential
from tensorflow.keras import layers
from tensorflow.keras.optimizers import RMSprop

model = Sequential()
model.add(layers.Flatten(input_shape=(lookback // step, float_data.shape[-1])))
model.add(layers.Dense(32, activation='relu'))

model.compile(optimizer=RMSprop(), loss='mae')
history = model.fit_generator(train_gen,

2. Solution:

(1) Don’t open too many ipynb file windows. There is only one running window left. Restart and there should be no problem.

(2) Some friends said that they might have something to do with the wallpaper engine. Just turn it off. I haven’t verified this yet.

However, I found that when the wallpaper engine dynamic desktop is displayed, the GPU utilization will increase sharply:

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