How to Solve Hyperf Failed to Start Error After Aliyun ACM Installed

Today, try installing the hyperf microservice framework

Alibaba cloud ACM is selected when installing the service

The console keeps making such mistakes

[ERROR] Client error: `GET` resulted in a `404 Not Found` response:
config data not exist

[line:113] in /www/hyperf/vendor/guzzlehttp/guzzle/src/Exception/RequestException.php


Modify the configuration in hyperf/config/autoload/config_center.php in the project root directory

return [
    'enable' => (bool) env('CONFIG_CENTER_ENABLE', false), // set to false
    'driver' => env('CONFIG_CENTER_DRIVER', 'aliyun_acm'),
    'mode' => env('CONFIG_CENTER_MODE', Mode::PROCESS),
    'drivers' => [
        'aliyun_acm' => [
            'driver' => Hyperf\ConfigAliyunAcm\AliyunAcmDriver::class,
            'interval' => 5,
            'endpoint' => env('ALIYUN_ACM_ENDPOINT', ''),
            'namespace' => env('ALIYUN_ACM_NAMESPACE', ''),
            'data_id' => env('ALIYUN_ACM_DATA_ID', ''),
            'group' => env('ALIYUN_ACM_GROUP', 'DEFAULT_GROUP'),
            'access_key' => env('ALIYUN_ACM_AK', ''),
            'secret_key' => env('ALIYUN_ACM_SK', ''),
            'ecs_ram_role' => env('ALIYUN_ACM_RAM_ROLE', ''),

Or the zone applies for Alibaba cloud ACM, and it is OK to fill in the relevant configuration successfully. It is recommended to close it in the development stage

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