Install and uninstall under Linux system Node.js

First, say unloading
1. Uninstall NPM first
Sudo NPM uninstall NPM -g
2. Remove node
Yum remove nodejs NPM -y
See if there’s any residue
Go to /usr/local/lib and delete all nodes and node_modules folders
Go to /usr/local/include and delete all nodes and node_modules
Go to /usr/local/bin and delete the node’s executable
Two, again install
1. Go to the Node.js website and download the Linux zip package, put it in your own directory, and then unzip it.
2. After unzipping, it’s time to configure the environment variables.
2.1. Establish soft links first. What does soft links mean?Stick a picture

Delete the node and NPM in /usr/lcoal/bin if any of the following problems occur in the resume soft link

3. Change the configuration file to /etc/profile
3.1. Modify the content

Almost like this, the beginning of their own also more chaotic.


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