How to Solve Yolox Training C Disk Full Issue

0. Problem description: COCO dataset training to half suddenly interrupted, look at the C disk shows red, there is not much memory (training, generated in AppData/Temp in the temporary file too much)
As shown in the figure: as the epoch increases, the file is getting bigger and bigger (the figure is still yolox-tiny), if we use yolox-x, the C drive is directly full!

1. Problem Cause.
YOLOX-main/yolox/evaluators/ in line 203 or so **tempfile.mkstemp()** after creating the file, no close() and remove() operations are performed
The following figure.

2. Solution methods
(1) Method 1
As shown above, add os.close(_) and os.remove(tmp) two lines of code, directly delete the file just created after use. Note: import os module at the beginning]
(2) Method 2
The problem is already known, you can use with…as… to create, automatically delete and close the file.
(3) Method 3
If you want to keep each temporary file, and do not want to C drive blow up, then directly change the save location to a custom path.
Code location: Anoconda/envs/using-environment/Lib/ in line 159-185.
directly change the direct dirlist operation to the user-defined folder location, as follows:

(4) Method 4
Manually clean up files in temp at regular intervals
Note: VOC format dataset training, no temporary files are generated because it uses the with…as… file creation method. For details, please refer to the end of

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