[Solved] RuntimeError: Error(s) in loading state dict for YOLOX:

After training the model, an error occurs when running the demo.py inference file in YOLOX, and the running code with the error is as follows:

Run Code

python tools/demo.py image -f exps/example/yolox_voc/yolox_voc_s.py -c YOLO_outputs/yolox_voc_s_1/best_ckpt.pth  --path assets/dog.jpg --conf 0.25 --nms 0.45 --tsize 640 --save_result --device [cpu/gpu]


 -f exps/example/yolox_voc/yolox_voc_s.py

This command must match, not the yolox used for testing before training_s.py, which is configured by yourself. If you don’t correct it, you will always report the following errors.

Of course, if the above instructions are OK, this error still occurs, that is, the category corresponding error in the demo.

Take my own example, I use VOC format datasets, but the default in the demo file is COCO_CLASSES, so this will definitely report an error, so we have to change it in the demo.py file.

First, find the file yolox/data/datasets/_init_.py and add the following code to the file.

from .voc_classes import VOC_CLASSES

Then enter tools/demo.py file

About 15 lines, Modify

from yolox.data.datasets import COCO_CLASSES


from yolox.data.datasets import VOC_CLASSES

Modify about 100 lines of cls_names in Predictor:


Set the function of about 300 lines

Change to

No error will be reported during operation, successful! NICE!

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