How to install PIL in Python 3

About Pillow and PIL

PIL (Python Imaging Library) is a powerful and convenient image processing library for Python, and is relatively well known. However, it is only supported up to Python 2.7.

PIL official website:

Pillow is a derivative of PIL, but has evolved into a more dynamic image processing library than PIL itself. The latest version is currently 3.0.0.

Pillow's Github page:
Pillow's documentation (corresponding to v3.0.0):
Chinese translation of Pillow's documentation (for version v2.4.0):

Python 3.x Installing Pillow

Installing Pillow for Python is very simple, using pip or easy_install with just one line of code.

To install using PIP from the command line.
pip install Pillow

Or use easy_install on the command line to install.
easy_install Pillow

After installation, using from PIL import Image references the library. For example.
from PIL import Image
im ="bride.jpg")

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