Flume monitors a single append file in real time

1) case requirements: real-time monitoring Hive logs, and uploaded to the HDFS
2) requirement analysis:

3) implementation steps:
1. The Flume to the data output to the HDFS, Hadoop-related JAR packages must be copied to /opt/module/ Flume /lib folder.

2. Create the flume – file – HDFS. Conf file

create file
note: if you want to read the files in the Linux system, have to be in accordance with the rules of the Linux command execute the command. Since Hive logs are in Linux, the type of file to be read is selected :exec means execute. Means to execute a Linux command to read a file.

add the following content

3. Run the Flume

4. To open the Hadoop and the Hive and Hive produces log

5. View files on HDFS.

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