Fatal IO error 11

Installation of cenos-6.6 using VMware Workstation8.0 prompts the following error:
fatal io error 11 on x server:1
Method one:
In VMware Workstation8.0, set as follows:
1. Create the virtual machine as shown in the figure below

2. Modify the virtual machine hardware compatibility 6.5-7.x,

3. At least 1G of virtual machine memory

4. The resolution of the virtual machine is at least 800*600, and I set it to 1024*768

After the above four steps, fatal IO Error 11 on X Server :1 of Cenos-6.6 installed on the virtual machine can be resolved

Method 2:
Set the memory on the virtual machine to be less than 1024M, and I generally set the memory to be 512M, so as to skip the installation of X Server related services and solve the fault.

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