Failure: waiting for status update. MMC read failed

configuration :


question :

previously installed message is the provided qte4.7 system, the system runs normally, but recently need to install qt5.7 version, found that message is provided with a good image, use otg way to burn, the first time successful, but the second time burning prompted “FAIL: waiting for status update.mmc read failed”, so repartition, error “FAIL again: Waiting for status update. MMC read failed “, suspected that uboot burned down, then burned it through TF card, and when partitioning emmc through TF uboot, it was prompted with “FAIL: waiting for status update. MMC read failed”, and the system printing information showed that the emmc capacity was only 1G (normally 16G), suspected that the core flash was broken

solution :

did not find a solution on the Internet, and went to find the official document, in a document to introduce EMMC stressed that pop, scp-1g and scp-2g uboot is different, see here suddenly realized, check the use of uboot, is indeed the version of scp-1g, and then replace the scp-2g uboot, through TF card partition and burned successfully.

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