failed to recv data in handshakeReceive2Callback

‘failed to recv data in handshakeReceive2Callback “error

Well with the

has been * * * today suddenly found that can’t open web page, see the log that is “failed to recv data in handshakeReceive2Callback” mistake refresh, ok then to search to see what exactly is this problem. A search found that everyone is saying that this is thunderbolt dao ghost, suddenly think of today I have nothing to do to upgrade thunderbolt, so nine out of ten is thunderbolt dry.

without further ado, let’s go straight to the solution:

  1. disables the xlserviceplatform service.
  2. open C:\Program Files\Common Files\Thunder Network\ServicePlatform\ xlsp. DLL and empty the contents (64-bit system as C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Thunder Network\ServicePlatform\ xlsp. DLL). </span b>)</ span b>
  3. problem solved.

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