Error reported by wechat applet: cannot read property ‘forceupdate’ of undefined

Cannot read property ‘forceUpdate’ of undefined
Cannot read property ‘forceUpdate’ of undefined**
below error is to use HBuilder X run WeChat small program sometimes error, although this error does not affect the development function, but look very boring, especially for me this kind of a bit obsessivepeople

this error has two solutions
1. Use test number when creating projects with WeChat development tool to avoid this error. Note: If you need to develop authorization login and payment functions in your development project, you need the AppID to test these functions, and the test number does not support these functions. In this case, the second method can be used
2. Go to WeChat small program to register an account, registration will be OK in a few minutes, after the success of the AppID. How do I get it?

Then use the AppID
in HBuilder X
Above is my share and solution for this error report. If there is anything wrong, please correct it

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