Oracle Start as DBA Error [How to Solve]

Problem Description:

In the morning, I created Oracle11g on the new machine and reported an error when starting with the startup command:

This error message means:
ora-00119: the initialization parameters of the system are invalid

Ora-00132: unresolved network listener name

My understanding: there is a problem with the listening configuration in the initialization file. It cannot be initialized and listening cannot be started.

Troubleshooting direction:

View the initialization file. Everyone has different installation paths.

The initialization file must exist in the Oracle installation directory orcl. My path:

Open the initialization file in Notepad and find the local listening configuration: local_Listener: the original local listening configuration parameter is listener_ORCL

Now, change it to:

local_listener=(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = localhost)(PORT = 1521)


Load initialization file synchronously at startup:

The database started successfully.

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