Android studio can’t start, running error: warning: crash service did not start

Android StudioAn error was reported when starting the emulator, as follows:
emulator: WARNING: Crash service did not start
RegGetValueW failed 2 The system could not find the specified file.
Failed to open /qemu.conf, err: 2
HAX is working and emulator runs in fast virt mode.
emulator: Saving state on exit with session uptime 312241 ms
ANGLE: D3D11: rx::Renderer11::generateConfigs
Cause of the problem:The cause of the problem is that I am using the Nexus 5X emulator and both images force the “Emulated Performance” to be set to “Automatic Graphics”.


Create a new emulator, for example using “Pixel XL”。 “Emulated Performance” change to “Software graphics”。

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