[error log] 27.1.0 series of errors Error:Failed to resolve: com.android.support :support-an notations:27.1.0

android project

this error occurred during synchronization after the project added dependencies

Error:Failed to resolve: com.android.support:support-annotations:27.1.0

but before the import, the project ran into a problem, so it was decided that the problem could be caused by this class library,

looks for the same class library usage article, replace the class library with the input statement in the article,

is lower than the library version I use

androidStudio updated plug-in caused a series of Failed to resolve: com. Android. Support: support – annotations: 27.1.0

an error, the throughout his reason for guide package problem, open the dependency to remove third-party libraries, to import dependence, recompile, not an error

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