ERROR: KeeperErrorCode = NoNode for /hbase/master

Error: keepererrorcode = nonode for/HBase/master error occurred when inputting command in HBase shell

Error screenshot:

solution 1: close zookeeper, delete the version-2 folder under your own dataDir path, and then restart (used)
solution 2: add a paragraph in hbase-site.xml


The method can be used for the purpose of applying a tube, and for the purpose of this problem, I would like to say that there are three things: Core site HDFS site HBase site HBase. Rootdir . Plan 5: we have a large amount of disambiguation ( *) cause: namede on namespaceid and datanode It was found that the number of nodes under the nodal de nodal de nodal de paceme was not significant. The first language resolution method is: dfs.datanode. Data. Dir in dandoop Hadoop S>

The second edition disambiguation method: clusterid in data under current/current versioning.

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