The list command in HBase shell reported an error org.apache.hadoop . hbase.PleaseHoldException : Master is initializing

HBase has been running for many days. Today, it needs to be restarted, so stop is executed- Stop hbasecat/TMP/HBase Hadoop- No such file or directory- Configuration file, in which export HBase is set_ PID_ The dir attribute specifies a file directory. After doing this operation, start HBase, enter HBase shell, and execute the list command. An error is reported org.apache.hadoop . hbase.PleaseHoldException Error: can’t get master address from zookeeper; znode data = = null.

So stop- , the attribute HBase that will be modified_ PID_ Comment out dir, restart HBase, or report an error…

So stop again- Refer to the process of building zookeeper and HBase and the problems encountered, summarize the way to start HBase in this article, first use the command HBase- Start master start the master, and then use start- Start HBase, enter HBase shell, execute list command, everything is normal

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