HBase import CSV file

  1. upload the file to Linux and then pass it to HDFS
hadoop fs -put  1.csv /
  1. enter the shell command of hbase and create hbase table
create 'amazon_key_word','MM'
  1. import data by command

format: hbase [class] [separator] [row key, column family] [table] [import file]

hbase  org.apache.hadoop.hbase.mapreduce.ImportTsv  -Dimporttsv.separator="," -Dimporttsv.columns=HBASE_ROW_KEY,MM:dept,MM:search_word,MM:Search_ranking,MM:asin,MM:name,MM:click_v,MM:conversion,MM:asin2,MM:name2,MM:click_v2,MM:conversion2,MM:asin3,MM:name3,MM:click_v3,MM:conversion3 amazon_key_word /1.csv

Note that the first column data is hbase rowkey

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