Successfully solved runtimeerror: CUDA runtime error (30)

RuntimeError: cuda runtime error (30)

I have been puzzled by this inexplicable error before. When I was ready to re install the driver and CUDA, I suddenly realized the root cause of this problem
the thing is, every time I want to run a program and go back to have a rest, I come back the next day to check. I’m disappointed that the program reported this error after running for a short time. Moreover, running the program after this error does not work. Only a simple and rude computer restart can solve the problem temporarily. But later found that if I have been using the computer during the day, the program will naturally run to the end, will not report such errors
so! It’s really CUDA, GPU’s problem, but it’s not because they have bugs, but because they are not playing a role in the rest, resulting in program errors! The fundamental reason is that my computer set a fixed time after the lock screen and automatically hang, so it is not CUDA. So there are such errors
If I set “don’t hang up” later, no such error will occur
write down your experience for the first time. I hope it can help you!

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