Error in web.xml file: error while downloading

Complete error message: error while downloading‘ ’To C:
\ users \ jarvis5. Lemminx \ cache \ http \ www.w3. ORG \ 2001 \ xml.xsd. It is speculated that there should be an error in the file download path. According to the error information, find the folder under the relevant path. It is found that there are two folders: http and HTTPS, As shown in the figure:
click the two folders and find the file content prompted in the error message (www.w3. Org/2001/XML. XSD) in the HTTPS file, so change the HTTP in the XML file to HTTPS and the error message disappears
before modification:

After modification:

or add & lt; xml-body> tag, the error message disappears:

(the content is for reference only, please point out if there is an error!)

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