Error an unexpected error occurred: * * * etimedout

The cause of

On a nice afternoon, I typed quasar create Tangerine_Reception
and I was proud to use YARN asa package manager, thinking I’d be free to worry about NPM’s quirks…
But Murphy’s Law always works: Yarn error An unexpected error occurred:****ETIMEDOUT (****)

After a search, we found that this was caused by the resource address request timeout. We need to change the source in China.
The solution

yarn config set registry -g

Because the mirror image of taobao ten minutes synchronization, domestic speed is fast, so it was used
Proxies have been used
And then for a while there is a problem, check, found that I used to use the agent, now no, you can delete the agent.

yarn config delete proxy
yarn config delete https-proxy

Error installing node-sass
Then I use the yarn installation node – sass, then you can think of, to perform for a long time, finally told me: “oh, you can’t,” the problem with this address
“, of course not, but the solution is simple:

yarn config set sass_binary_site -g

Taobao mirror source Dafa good
This will enable you to install Node-sass using NPM and download it from your Taobao source.

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