Eclipse reset annotation shortcuts

I recently switched to a virtual machine and found that eclipse Settings on someone else’s virtual machine were a little bit bad. The biggest problem was that Ctrl+/ (keypad) was disabled, but Ctrl+/ (query key) can still be commented quickly.
I checked online blogs, and using what they said was the way to change the Toggle Comment Settings still didn’t work when writing C++
When I checked the Ctrl+/ setting, It turned out it wasn’t Toggle Comment, it was Comment/Uncomment
1. Click Window-& gt; preferences

2. Search for Comment/Uncomment, bind related keys in binding, and define when to take effect in when

There’s a weird thing here, Ctrl+/ (keypad) in the binding is Ctrl+ numpad_divide
Click copy Command, you can copy the same comment command, you can add your own shortcut to comment, I’ll add Ctrl+/ (big keyboard key) here

This allows you to annotate the
code with Ctrl+/ (small keyboard) and Ctrl+/ (large keyboard)

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