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The resolution process is as follows.

Adding applications/middle tier servers to the intranet in IE8. (Internet options than; local intranet wishes are added in advance)

This is also described in the recommended browser comment 389422.1:

Set Oracle E-Business Suite to run through the “Trusted Sites” area and set the “Medium” security settings. (if required)

Step 1:Select Tools -> Internet Options -> Security tab -> Trusted Sites icon -> “Site” button from the Internet Explorer menu bar.

Step 2:If you have not set the “security level of this zone”, set it to “Medium”.

Step 3: In the ‘Add this Web site to the zone:’ field, enter the ‘hostname and domain’ of the environment running Oracle E-Business Suite; for example, https://. Then click the ‘Add’ button. Alternatively, you can simply add the ‘*’ in front of the domain name to make all websites in the domain pass through this zone. I.e. *.

If you are using a proxy server…

1. go to “Tools” option in Internet Explorer and select Internet option. 2.

2. select the “Connection” tab.

3. select the “LAN Settings” button

4. select the “Advanced” button

5. add an entry for the APS node under the exception definition…;.

Example: sydprodapp.mycompany.com.au

6. save this change to Internet Explorer…and reconnect to the R12 application


I have tried, can succeed, of course, also depends on their own computer system version, than this theme such as seems to have problems!

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