Docker error response from daemon: Conflict: unable to deletexxxxx

An error is reported when docker deletes an image. After docker images, the output is as follows:

REPOSITORY                             TAG                        IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
nvidia/cuda                            9.0-base                   74f5aea45cf6        6 weeks ago         134MB
paddlepaddle/paddle                    1.1.0-gpu-cuda8.0-cudnn7   b3cd25f64a2a        8 weeks ago         2.76GB   1.1.0-gpu-cuda8.0-cudnn7   b3cd25f64a2a        8 weeks ago         2.76GB
paddlepaddle/paddle                    1.1.0-gpu-cuda9.0-cudnn7   0df4fe3ecea3        8 weeks ago         2.89GB   1.1.0-gpu-cuda9.0-cudnn7   0df4fe3ecea3

The first image directly docker RMI 74f5aea45cf6 will be deleted successfully. However, the latter two images appear in pairs. The direct docker RMI deletion fails. The error message is as follows:

Error response from daemon:
conflict: unable to delete b3cd25f64a2a (must be forced) - image 
is referenced in multiple repositories


First, specify the name instead of the image ID when docker RMI, and then execute docker RMI – f image IDJ:

docker rmi paddlepaddle/paddle:1.1.0-gpu-cuda8.0-cudnn7
docker rmi -f b3cd25f64a2a

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