DM database data migration DTS error solution

Project scenario:

When using DTS data migration tool to migrate from Mysql to DM, ten tables reported errors. There are two kinds of errors

Problem Description:

error number: – 2670
error message: Object [draft]_ The constraint expression of message] default is invalid
click the details query to find that the table definition is in disorder. You need to manually create this table in Dameng database </ font>

Error number: – 6169
error message: column [is]_ MOBILE_ Text] the length exceeds the definition
first, take out the table definition and create the table manually in DM database. If it is found that there is no problem, it should be the problem of data. Check that the character sets on both sides are consistent, and they are UTF-8. In the table definition, this column is varchar (20)
check that there is an obviously long field in this column of data in the source MSYQL. In DM calculation, it is found that this data occupies 22 bytes, so you need to change the field length

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