How to solve MySQL error 1049 (42000): unknown database ‘database’

In fact, I made a very serious mistake, and this mistake can only be reported for two reasons.
Reason 1: There is an extra space after your account password, which means you have the wrong database.
Fix: If it is a login password, report this error, as shown in the figure below:

It would be possible to have an extra space between p and 123, and then you would remove the space in between. You put p and 123 together and you type in p123
Reason 2: Your syntax is wrong, because use can only be followed by the database name, never the table name. An incorrect or incorrect table name will report the following error.

Solution: Double check your database to see if it has TB_EMP6.

Check your table again to see if it is your table name.

The name of the table is confused with the database name.
Summary is to confirm the database name is not exist, there are no spelling mistakes, if not again to see your grammar is not wrong.
This is better to locate your problem, in fact, to put it bluntly this is I made a stupid mistake, but also eat a catty gain a wisdom.
Hope to help you, welcome to leave a message to exchange ~

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