Configure OpenGL development environment (vs2015)

Configuring the OpenGL development environment (VS2015)
There are a lot of configuration VS + OpenGL tutorials online, for the configuration of the super treasure of the good and bad are mixed, mainly the official website did not give a good compiled library, many need to compile their own, so for beginners, it is difficult to configure successfully.
The following is a blog post that explains the configuration process and the rationale behind it
For beginners, everyone wants to be able to run the example given in the super bible. Here I directly give several twists and turns, all kinds of files generated after compilation, according to the following configuration can be run in VS2015 super treasure in the example, to achieve development.
I. Required allocation of resources

Resource download:
The zip package contains two folders, CJBD5_CODE and OpenGL. The former contains the sample program, and the latter is the three files required for configuration.

How do I configure the development environment, as I explained in a previous blog post
The following is the configuration process for OpenGL.
1, Copy the files in the DLL folder to C:\Windows\ Syswow64 and C:\Windows\System32
2. Create an empty project, add a source file, and configure the project properties
1) Put the include from the previous folder under the include directory

2) lib in the library directory

3) Linker ->; Input – & gt; Additional dependencies freeglutd.lib; GLTools.lib; freeglut.lib; glew32s.lib

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