[CHM] Python: How to Extract CHM Data

Demand scenario

Chm format document, extract and save as HTML

Method 1: use online conversion tools or software

Method 2: Script Compilation

Step 1: decompile. Bat script

Using this script, you can decompile the CHM file, decompress it and get the file. Some documents can be directly converted to TXT, and some will be converted to HTML. This has something to do with generating CHM files
1 create a new TXT document and write the command according to the example. After saving, save the file as . Bat format

hh -decompile Output path of conversion result File to be converted (relative/absolute path)
# Example
hh -decompile   D:\Desktop\  123.chm

2 right click the administrator to run the file, and output the result to the directory specified by the command

Step 2: HTML to TXT

[HTML] Python extracts HTML text to TXT

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