A little bug of CSDN blog

Recently, when editing the blog, I found a small flaw in CSDN, which should not be a bug, but if I don’t pay attention, it may also bring a lot of trouble to users.

Hyperlinks are sometimes used when editing blogs. When adding hyperlinks, the interface of CSDN is as follows:

Users can enter their own link address in the link address column, but please note that the “http://” field is selected by default, that is, if you copy a link address and want to paste it into this column, you will erase the “http://” field, leaving only your own pasted address.

And in practice, the probability is very high.

What’s the difference between HTTP and no HTTP?

From the perspective of users, they don’t want to make a difference, but in practice, there is a big difference between HTTP and no http.

There is no HTTP at the beginning. The browser will treat the link as a relative address by default, that is, the address relative to the current address“ blog.csdn.net/waitig1992/article/details/ ”Add the address you entered after this address.

But most users don’t want this result. They just want the browser to jump to the link they input, which leads to the lack of user experience.

Some people will say: those who publish articles on CSDN are all technical giants. They should know these problems and can avoid them by themselves. They can modify them by themselves.

But all things can’t be solved by users themselves. Moreover, with the fierce competition, some small details may determine the success or failure of the enterprise.

And not everyone has noticed.

On the contrary, baidu space noticed this detail, its hyperlink input box does not have “http://”, but automatically detects changes after users edit. As shown in the figure:

After editing, it will automatically detect and modify, and add “http://”, as shown in the figure:

In this way, users don’t have to care whether they write “http://”, but can focus more on their own articles.

That’s the details.


This link has “http://” blog.csdn.net/waitig1992

There is no http:// blog.csdn.net/waitig1992

You can click to see the difference;

I hope CSDN official can pay attention to this problem, and I will also send email feedback.

Finally, I wish CSDN more and more fire, you can all think of it!

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