Can’t open file: (errno: 24)

New structures, the database, the application after connecting up, with the following process:
120528 10:07:32 [ERROR]/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqld: Can ‘t open file:./ag4_1/raa4_1 FRM’ (24) errno:
I didn’t look at the error code carefully at first! Thought the file was corrupted, reimport! Throw the above error again!
Use the perl error tool to see specific errors!
Linux:/usr/local/mysql/bin #./perror 24
OS error code 24: Too many open files
beyond the maximum number of open file limit! The maximum number of open files on the system is 65535. It cannot be exceeded! The maximum number of open files in the database must be out of limit!
Show variables like ‘open_files_limit’; show variables like ‘open_files_limit’;

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