[Android] – Android studio + carefree simulator

It is too laggy for Andriod Studio to bring its own simulator, and VirtualBox is installed in Genymotion simulator, and then a bunch of settings will result in card B.

Online under a carefree simulator, this simulator is dedicated to the game, the current official version are Android 4. X version. I used Android 5.1, a beta version, to debug.

Setting method of Android studio + carefree simulator:

(how to install as and how to download and install Xiaoyao will not be mentioned.)

1. Set deployment target options

2. Running carefree simulator

3. Run the command line and switch the directory to the installed carefree Directory: (mine is on D: disk)

cd D:\Program Files\Microvirt\MEmu

4. Use the command to check the number of ports opened by the free running program

netstat -nb

The default port is 5037

Because there are too many ports on this computer, I use the command to write the output to a file

netstat -nb > c:\port.txt

Open C:\ port.txt You can find data like this:

5. Using command to connect Xiaoyao

adb.exe connect

The connected prompt indicates that the connection is successful

6. Android studio point to run, select just successfully connected to the carefree simulator

PS: if Android studio can’t connect to night God, restart the simulator.
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