CDH opens Kerberos and reports an error: ticket expired

I did it with reference to the open Kerberos wizard in the official cloudera documentation. Address:

During the startup process, the last step of starting the cluster starts to report errors. The services reporting errors include Kafka, HBase, jobhistory, etc. the relevant logs are as follows:

Kafka, HBase and other logs:

Jobhistory log:

It can be seen from the log that the ticket is expired, so the relevant configurations of krb5.conf and kdc.conf files are checked. The configuration seems to be OK, as follows:

So, I took a CM automatically generated KeyTab (/ var/run/cloudera SCM agent/process/15 HDFS datacode/HDFS. KeyTab) on the server and tried Kinit to see if it really expired, but the results are as follows:

This error seems to indicate that the KeyTab format of this version is not supported. Therefore, it is considered that the Kerberos version is incompatible. Just before, I saw that some people said that the Kerberos version is sometimes incompatible. Link:

The respondents here give such tips:

Therefore, after the version was changed to 1.15.50, the problem was solved. This log hint is still very lame. Kerberos style has always been like this.

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