Xcode Error: Embedded binary’s bundle identifier is not prefixed with the parent app’s bundle identifier

This error usually occurs because the Bundle Identifier is not set correctly.
1. If it is a project directly downloaded from the Internet, first check whether the Bundle Identifier on Project TARGETS has been set. If it is a demo project from the SDK, the Bundle Identifier is usually blank and needs to be filled in manually. Then select the developer account in the Signing team below. The same setting is also done in the TARGETS project accordingly in the Test project.
2. Xcode + iwatch debugging error
under the three Targets of the project (the project name is my) : my, my Watchkit app, my Watchkit extention
General -> The Bundle Identifier under Identity is written in a fixed way, so don’t change it.
for example:
com. XXX. My
com. XXX. My. Watchkitapp
com. XXX. My. Watchkitapp. Watchkitextension

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