20851;2011;Error: identifier 822’HAL’s StatusTypeDef 8225; is undefined.

This bug appears when editing code with Hal Library of STM32. Right click to locate the relevant header file, but the system still reports an error. In fact, the main problem is the header file.

1. It is necessary to check whether the part used by the main program in the header file has been enabled, especially “stm32f1xx”_ hal_ “Con. H” and “stm32f1xx”_ hal.h”。

2. The compiler error is not accurate, such as the header file stm32f1xx_ Hal in RCC. H_ Statustypedef is not defined. You need to check carefully. The error is reported when compiling the. C file. Basically, they are all written by themselves. This kind of error will be reported only when there is an error in the compilation of the. C file. We need to pay attention to the unified include  “ stm32f7xx_ hal.h>”,    Instead of a separate include “stm32f7xx”_ hal_ gpio.h>” stm32f1xx_ hal_ (such as XXX. H header file)

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