Vue warn]: vue3 element Component emit Pass Event Error

vue3 in element component emit pass event error
Report error:

Vue warn]: Extraneous non-emits event listeners (cancel, confirm, modelClose) were passed to component but could not be automatically inherited because component renders fragment or text root nodes. If the listener is intended to be a component custom event listener only, declare it using the “emits” option.

Sub-component throwing events

 emits: ['cancel', 'confirm', 'modelClose'],
  setup (props, context) {
    const { showDialog } = toRefs(props)
    const show = computed(() => {
      return showDialog.value
    const cancel = () => {
    const confirm = () => {
    const modelClose = () => {
    return {
      show, cancel, confirm, modelClose

Parent component receives events

`<user-info :showDialog="showDialog" @cancel="showDialog=false" @confirm="showDialog=false" @modelClose="showDialog=false"></user-info>

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