Vue — report error with less module build failed: typeerror: loaderContext.getResolve is not a function

installation and use steps are as follows:

1, install [NPM install less-loader –save]

2. Add

to [rules] in [webpack.base.conf.js] file under [build] file

    test: /\.less$/,
    loader: "style-loader!css-loader!less-loader"

3, write [lang=”less”]

in the “style” tag

4, [NPM run dev] :

error was reported because the version installed by the less-loader was too high. In [package. Json], you can see the installed version

5, the solution: uninstall install high version of the less – loader, the NPM uninstall less – loader 】, installation specified low version of the less – loader (NPM install [email protected] – save 】 can solve the error.

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