VS2010 debugging window flash solution

These days the development integration environment has been changed to VS2010, just started to use, some places are not very understand, by consulting the relevant documents, is now solved.
Take the VS2010 debugging window flash through the solution is as follows:
#include < iostream>
using namespace std;
void main()
int add(int,int,int);
float business (int);
int x, y, z, sum;
cout< < “Input x, y, z:”;
cin> > x> > y> > z;
the sum = add (x, y, z);
cout< <” sum=”< < sum< < endl;
cout< <” average=”< < average(sum)< < endl;
// system (” pause “);
Int add (int a, int b, int c)
{return (a+b+c); }
float business (int s)
{return (s/3.0); }
This is the test code.
The solution is as follows:
If you are compiling (F5), you can run the program (Ctrl+F5). If it is still flashing, use the following method to solve it.
method one:
1. If the c + + files, in the final to write a program before (return) add: system (” pause “);
= #include”stdlib.h”;
= #include”stdlib.h”; Then add: system(“pause”) at the end of the program (before the return).
Method 2:
. Right click on the current project – Properties
2> 3. Change the SUBSYSTEM configuration in System Options, select the first ‘/ CONSOLE’ in the drop-down menu and then select ‘Start Executing (Don’t Debug)’, that is Ctrl +F5;
This solves the flash window problem once and for all.

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