How to Solve VScode 2022 error: msvcp110d.dll not found

Recently, I’m using vs 2022 for development. Record the solutions that msvcp110d.dll can’t find.

Method 1: in the project -> Attribute -> c/c++ -> Code generation -> Modify to multithreaded debugging (MDD) at runtime

The reason for the error is that the msvcp110d.dll library is missing when compiling the dynamic library. The VC library used by the incompatible version of VS is different

Method 2: Download vcredist from the official website_X64.exe and vcredist_ X86.exe installation (valid for release only)

Method 3: Download msvcp110d.dllmsvcp110d.dll

Save the downloaded DLL file in the system directory: C: Windows\system32 C:Windows\syswow64 (my system is win10) and restart the computer

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