Error: env [NODE_ENV] is not set (How to Solve)

Error: env [NODE_ENV] is not set

Encountered problem: running project reports error: env [node_env] is not set

Screenshot of the problem:

Solution idea, env in NODE_ENV is not set, resulting in process failure, so you can set the value of this NODE_ENV can be solved. Because it is someone else’s project, I took it over directly, so I searched NODE_ENV globally and found that NODE_ENV=development, so just set NODE_ENV to development.

Implementation method:

1. For Linux:

NODE_ENV=development node foo.js

2. For Windows

SET NODE_ENV=development
node foo.js

Write node foo according to the actual needs of the project JS, some projects can not be written


It is possible that in addition to the property NODE_ENV is not set, there are other values that are not set, for the same reason, you can set the corresponding value for this value

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