Using next (ITER (data. Dataloader()) to report an error stopiteration

The error stopiteration is reported when using next (ITER (data. Dataloader()). This is because when using next() When accessing an iterator that has been iterated, an error will be triggered: stopiteration, that is, after a round of iteration after the dataloader imports the data, it is found that there is no data when importing again, that is, after the Iterable is completed, stopiteration is triggered, and then the loop jumps out


Since there is no data when importing again, we can use a data loader.

Put the in

inps, targets = next(self.batch_iterator)

Change to:

    inps, targets = next(self.batch_iterator)
except StopIteration:
    self.batch_iterator = iter(data.DataLoader(self.train_dataset, self.args.batch_size, shuffle=True, num_workers=self.args.num_workers, collate_fn=detection_collate))
    inps, targets = next(self.batch_iterator)

Problem solving.

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