Unit package manager error

Although the idea of changing unity to package manager is very good, we always encounter various exotic problems. For example, when importing the project, when processing the package, all kinds of prompts report errors, resulting in the project cannot be opened normally… Click continue to flash back.

Unity package manager error: unable to connect“ https://packages.unity.cn ”

It seems to be the problem of unity China.

The solutions are as follows:

Add environment variables and add them directly from the command line under CMD (please open it in administrator mode). The command is as follows: setx unity_ NOPROXY localhost,

Wait for the environment variable to be added.

Update: some projects can be done like this. Today another project will always prompt unable to connect“ https://packages.unity.cn “It’s very painful. Unity is too rubbish. Normally, I copy the package cache from other projects. Shouldn’t it work?He can’t

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