Event manager error: source distributedcom

Foreword: Windows 10. The event viewer frequently captures system errors and queries the cause.

using event viewer, the error is as follows:

Application specific permission settings are not granted to the user NT authority/local service Sid (s-1-5-19) in the address localhost (using LRPC) running in the application container's unavailable Sid (unavailable). For
CLSID is {d63b10c5-bb46-4990-a94f-e40b9d520160} , appid is {9ca88ee3-acb7-47c8-afc4-ab702511c276}
, local activation permission of COM server application. This security permission can be modified using the component services management tool.

Shortcut command:

Event Viewer: Win + R eventvwr.msc Device Manager: Win + R devmgmt.msc

Problem location:
when using vs to develop a. Net project, the project involves RPC, but the driver of the supporting hardware device is not installed in the local development environment. Therefore, when the program is compiled and started, the event viewer will report an error.

Problem analysis:

The problem belongs to the developer class, and has nothing to do with the windows operating system error. You can install the corresponding hardware driver by yourself.

Other similar solutions:

If windows 7, windows 10 and other operating system related, built-in programs report such errors, you can refer to the following tutorial for authorization solution.
Solutions to similar problems (CLSID and appid are different from this article, but the source of the problem is distributedcom): Solutions

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