torchvision.dataset Failed to Download CIFAR10 Error [How to Solve]

An error occurred while using dataset to download the dataset

urllib.error.URLError:urlopen error unknown url type:https 

Considering that there is no import ssl, add the following command

**import ssl
ssl._create_default_https_context = ssl._create_unverified_context**

Run again to import ssl

import ssl report an error: DLL load fail error


First, configure the environment variable, find the current python installation directory, and add the following three paths to the PATH of the system variable

**E:\Anaconda3\envs\pytorch;      #python.exe所在路径

Then find the files libcrypto-1_1.dll and libssl-1_1.dll in the bin folder and copy them to the DLLs path.

This solves the download problem

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