[SteamVR] Not Initialized (109) Error [How to Solve]

[SteamVR] Not Initialized (109)

[SteamVR] Initialization failed. Please verify that you have SteamVR installed, your hmd is functioning, and OpenVR Loader is checked in the XR Plugin Management section of Project Settings.


VR plug-in: SteamVR Plugin 2.7.3

Unit version: 2019.4.40f1

Error reporting scenario:

Each time you close unity, reopen it. Run the project and then report an error.


Reopen the Project Setting panel of unity engine and close it. The error is solved. (unity menu bar find Editor->Project Settings, open, click the fork to close the panel). Because I am using git to do version control, I found that some oid in the file ProjectSettings.asset will change every time I report an error, so I thought it was related to Project Settings. I tried reopening the Project Settings panel and it worked. If you are using git to do version control, you can try to recover the ProjectSettings.asset file to solve the bug.

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