The use of BibTex

BibTex is used as the reference format management library of latex documents.

The operation steps are as follows:

Step 1: create a BibTex file;

Create a new TXT file and change the suffix to bib, that is, create a BibTex reference library. For example, the name of the created BibTex library is: ref.bib .

Step 2: add the content of the quoted article;

Copy the BibTex format content of the document to be quoted to ref.bib The BibTex content of a document to be cited is as follows:
the BibTex content of a document to be cited is as follows:

author="Wille, Rudolf",
editor="Rival, Ivan",
title="Restructuring Lattice Theory: An Approach Based on Hierarchies of Concepts",
bookTitle="Ordered Sets: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held at Banff, Canada, August 28 to September 12, 1981",
publisher="Springer Netherlands",

Step 3: add cite package to latex document;

Add package reference to latex document: usepackage {cite}.

Step 4: add reference configuration;
Step 4: add reference configuration

Add the BibTex library reference in latex document. Where you want to display the references, you can add the following contents:


\The bibliography {ref} command specifies the previously generated. Bib library.

The common default styles are as follows:

1 Alpha, using the first letter of the author’s name + the last two digits of the year as the label, in alphabetical order;
4. Abbrv, similar to plain, change the full spelling of the month to abbreviation, which is more compact;
5. IEEE TR, journal style of International Association of electrical and electronic engineers;
6. ACM, journal style of American Society of computer science;
7. Siam, journal style of American Society of industrial and applied mathematics;
8 Apalike, the journal style of American Psychological Society;

Step 5: Add Reference;

The quotation format is as follows:


The content in the curly brackets is the first line of the quotation format of the related literature.

Step 6: the process of generating PDF;

1. Compile latex document with latex;

2. Compile Bib document with BibTex;

3. Using latex to compile latex documents;

4. View PDF through dvipdf.

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