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[Solved] Unity Error: Assertion failed on expression: ‘IsMatrixValid(matrix)‘…

Problem description:

I get an error when running the Interaction_Example of steam VR, and the running screen is a black screen, where unity is 2021.3.6f1c1, steam VR(2.7.3), steamvrSDK( 1.23.7), The headset is HTC Vive pro2. The specific content of the error is as follows:

Assertion failed on expression: 'IsMatrixValid(matrix)'
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent (int,intptr,bool&)

Screen position out of view frustum (screen pos 0.000000, 0.000000, 300.000000) (Camera rect 0 0 0 0)
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent (int,intptr,bool&)


Problem Solving:

Click Edit->Project Settings…->XR Plug-in Management->OpenVR and set Stereo Rendering Mode to Multi Pass.

How to Solve Valgrind 3.14 error on ARM 64

Note: see also the FAQ in the source distribution.
It contains workarounds to several common problems.
In particular, if Valgrind aborted or crashed after
identifying problems in your program, there's a good chance
that fixing those problems will prevent Valgrind aborting or
crashing, especially if it happened in m_mallocfree.c.

If that doesn't help, please report this bug to: www.valgrind.org

In the bug report, send all the above text, the valgrind
version, and what OS and version you are using.  Thanks.

This is a bug in this version. Upgrading to the latest version can solve this problem.

valgrind:  Note that if you are debugging a 32 bit process on a
valgrind:  64 bit system, you will need a corresponding 32 bit debuginfo
valgrind:  package (e.g. libc6-dbg:i386).

Just install a GDB. apt install gdb.

[Solved] Unity Error: ‘BuildPipeline‘ does not contain a definition for ‘GetBuildTargetName‘

@[TOC] (error: Library \ packagecache \ com. Unity. XR [email protected] \Editor\XRGeneralBuildProcessor.cs(83,52): error CS0117: ‘BuildPipeline’ does not contain a definition for ‘GetBuildTargetName’)

Problem Description:

when unity develops oculus quest, it will report an error library \ packagecache \ com.unity.xr [email protected] \Editor \ xrgeneralbuildprocessor.cs (83,52): error cs0117: ‘buildpipeline’ doors not contain a definition for ‘getbuildtargetname’
my unit version is 2019.4

Cause analysis:

the version of the plug-in matches the version of the unity step, resulting in </ font>


delete ar foundation, downgrade XR plug-in management to 3.2.16, downgrade ar foundation and arkit XR plug-ins to 4.1.1, and reinstall ar foundation
record the pit encountered and it has been solved

0028opengl program running prompt glut32.dll missing one of the solutions

From: http://blog.csdn.net/liufeng520/article/details/8064170
My question is exactly the same as above, so make a note of it for later review and reference.
Today debug OpenGl source program, compiled through, but a running tips, computer lost glut32. DLL files, not depressed, search under the Internet provide most of the practice are more, copying the file to download this file to C: \ WINDOWS \ system in 32, but did so after found that still doesn’t work, after a long afternoon, suddenly realized that may be about my new WINDOWS 7 system, but also for loading is 64 – bit, then, Try to copy this glut32.dll to your SysWOW64 folder in C:\ Windows, and it will all be OK. Here’s a special note to remind everyone who installed Windows 7 and VC ++ 6.0 to pay attention to it.
PS: just started contact with OpenGl will inevitably encounter some problems, these problems may has nothing to do with program, just some compile environment Settings and header files installed, adjusted in particular, are as follows:
(1) Copy gult32.dll, Glut. DLL to Windows system system32(if Windows 7 is a 64-bit operating system, it is in C:\ Windows SysWOW64 file)
(2) Copy gult32.lib, Glut. lib to VC lib directory
(3) Copy ULT. H to include\GL of VC

unity 3D:Virtual Reality SDK Oculus failed to initialize.

problem description:

unity3D has successfully connected to the oculus helmet, and can carry out front and back movement and rotation operations in the u3D compiler, but an error has been reported in the unity console, as shown in the figure below,

Virtual Reality SDK oculus failed to initialize.

  1. new project. No error will be reported after creating a new project, but the helmet is still not shown, and the same error will be opened again after closing the project.
  2. reimport oculus package, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58744920/virtual-reality-sdk-oculus-failed-to-initialize said doesn ‘t work. I didn’t try, I didn’t know
  3. is looking for… I update the
    — — — — — — — — — —
    update, this equipment has been abandoned, no display of helmet should be separately display did not set up in a computer.

XR: OpenVR Error! OpenVR failed initialization with error code VRInitError_Init_PathRegistryNotFound

XR: OpenVR Error! OpenVR failed initialization with error code VRInitError_Init_PathRegistryNotFound

problem description

when I was running the scene in Unity, the following error occurred: ‘VR: OpenVR error! OpenVR initialization failed, error code VRInitError_Init_PathRegistryNotFound: “Installation path (110) cannot be found!”

problem cause

MRTK tools were used in the

project, but

was not introduced in the unity scenario